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Created in 2018 in response to talent, skills and recruitment challenges, Ambition:Leeds is supporting two of the principal employment sectors in Leeds city centre: Retail and Hospitality.

About Ambition:Leeds

Ambition:Leeds, located at the City Exchange building on Albion Street, is a joint project between LeedsBID, Leeds City Council, and Landsec. It is in direct response to demand from employers who are looking for skilled recruits to join their workforce and addressing the complex skills needs of the retail and hospitality sectors.

Recent research shows that employment in the wholesale and retail sector and the accommodation and food services sector is forecast to grow by 12% and 13% respectively over the next ten years.


Building on this positive outlook, our unique training centre located in the heart of the city’s retail hub offers training by some of the region’s most respected education partners.

"Optional quote: An exciting new addition to the Leeds retail and hospitality landscape, created"


The three core areas of work for Ambition:Leeds are:

  • Developing Skills – engagement with schools and communities to educate and inspire about retail and hospitality sectors as a future career opportunity; helping individuals grow and develop in the workplace by delivering higher-level training through to English, mathematics and ICT skills.
  • Getting People into Work – driving new talent to the retail and hospitality sectors and offering retraining and upskilling opportunities; helping address sector skills shortages by offering work-based training related to businesses’ needs.
  • Business Support – encouraging investment in skills of existing workforces – such as core management, problem-solving, and technology – to help employers develop a workforce to future-proof business.


Here at Ambition:Leeds, we are proud to support a range of organisations to ensure that the city centre continues to be a great place to live, work, and visit with exceptional retail and dining experiences.

We work with businesses across the city to upskill employees and help organisations become better placed to overcome changing sector demands.


For those ambitious about progressing in their chosen career, we offer professional, bespoke, and specialist industry training to upskill employees in the city.

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into work

If you are excited about starting a career in the Retail or Hospitality sector, our training and workplace experiences could be just what you are looking for to get you on the right track.


Apprenticeships have changed enormously in the last decade and are now an exciting option for both apprentices and employers.

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The aims of Ambition:Leeds are simple: Elest, si ullutem eum exeria qui blaborum intusciet aut incipiditem atis autatae sendam

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